The Right Tools: Our Grooming Specialists’ Take on Beard Grooming

Facial hair has enjoyed a recent resurgence in popularity, which means that men are increasingly looking for beard grooming services. Whether a man is growing a beard for the first time or is a seasoned beard wearer, exceptional grooming services can help them look and feel their very best. Understanding what it takes to offer an exceptional beard grooming service is important to our men’s grooming franchise. Let’s take a closer look at the basics of perfectly groomed beards.

The Right Tools For the Job

There’s a variety of tools that can be used to groom beards. High-quality tools offer better results and can make the difference between a good trim and a great one. Clippers and scissors are two of the most used tools in any Grooming Specialist’s arsenal, and they’ll play an important role in grooming beards. They aren’t the only tools you’ll want to reach for though. Here are some of the other tools that you’ll want to keep on hand.

Combs & Brushes

Beard hair is inherently different from the hair on our heads, so why rely on the same comb for both? Wide-toothed beard combs have sturdy teeth to work through the most tangled beards, distribute products, and prevent breakage. Mustache combs, on the other hand, have a smaller shape and finer teeth, which are perfect for detailed grooming and increased control. Additionally, if you want to avoid washing your combs between every step of a grooming routine, you’ll want a separate set for beard grooming. Why? The products you use on heads and those you use on beards are often quite different, and when you use a beard oil-covered comb on a hairstyle, you may not achieve the results you were looking for.

A boar bristle brush is also a useful tool for straightening out beards, stimulating the hair follicles and skin, and distributing product. A brush can help remove flakes from a beard and exfoliate the skin underneath to avoid flakes later.


When trimming beards and refining cheek and jaw lines, scissors offer much more precision. Smaller scissors are often preferred since the contours of the face can make larger shears difficult to work with. Because the hair that grows in beards is much sturdier than the hair that grows on the head, it tends to escape the cutting surface of straight-bladed shears. Scissors with micro-serrated blades will grip the hair better and keep it in place for trimming.

Beard Trimmers

Quality beard trimmers are exceptional at quickly cutting off length and maintaining short beards. Using the correct guard for the desired length, these trimmers can maintain an even length all over. They also offer a softer end cut on the hair, so that you can avoid the scratchy, itchy feeling many new beards cause. Hair clippers can stand in for a beard trimmer but may not offer the same flexibility and control.

Electric Razor

When you need to clean up the neck area and cheek line, an electric razor can be a great tool. Because these tools rely on hair penetrating the foil cover to be cut, longer hair can’t be accidentally trimmed. This makes it much easier to clean up the edges of a beard, without accidentally making the line move further than intended.

The Right Products

Beards deserve just as much care as a hairstyle does. This means that styling products, beard washes, and conditioners are something you should be familiar with. As a Grooming Specialist, you can help your clients understand what products will give them the style, softness, and texture they want from their beards. Here are a few products to understand and use for the best beard results.

Beard Oils

The much-loved, highly popular beard product is an essential tool for proper beard grooming. Without moisture, beards can grow scratchy and dry — which means that the hair is at risk of tangles and breakage. Washing beards, especially with harsh soap, will strip away the natural oils that protect the beard. Look for products that use jojoba oil as one of the main ingredients, since this oil is very similar to the natural oils our skin produces. Jojoba will soak into the hair better than heavier oils, like olive oil. This means users are less likely to end up with oily stains on their collars and will get a better result from the product.

Beard Balms & Waxes

For perfectly shaped beards and mustaches, try styling products like beard balms or waxes to provide control, add shine, and condition your beard. Higher-hold balms will provide less conditioning, while lighter-hold products will frequently work as a leave-in conditioner.

Waxes, on the other hand, are great for strong, flexible hold. They work well for longer mustaches and can be used to shape the hair into a variety of styles. You may also substitute a pomade for a wax if you want an even stronger hold.

Beard Wash & Conditioner

Rather than relying on harsh soaps or shampoos to clean beards, use a beard wash. These gentle cleansers are designed to remove dirt without stripping away natural moisture, which is important for beards. Beard hair tends to be on the drier side naturally, so it’s important to ensure that beards are properly moisturized. After a beard wash, use a beard conditioner to restore moisture and improve the shine and strength of the hair. Let conditioners work for a few minutes before rinsing them out for best results.

With the right tools and the best possible products, our Grooming Specialists are ready to take grooming to the next level! At The Gents Place, it’s our mission to uncover the inner gentleman in every man by providing exceptional grooming services, including beard grooming. We have what it takes to keep our clients looking and feeling their very best.

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