Meet the Leadership Team: Ashley Schuetz

The Gents Place Franchise has a powerful team with an extensive resume covering every aspect of the business. The support that every location receives encompasses training, operations, marketing, retail, and much more. This is part of an ongoing series that will introduce you to various members of the leadership team that will help you build and grow your Gents Place franchise.

As a graduate of Texas State University with a degree in Mass Communication and a minor in Marketing, Ashley Schuetz always knew that sharing ideas, writing, and communication was going to be a major part of whatever career path she pursued. In her role as Director of Marketing for The Gents Place she’s making sure that our message of making men look and feel their best gets out to as many targeted and qualified people as possible.

While Ashley came on with The Gents Place in late 2016, in her additional role as Director of Franchise Marketing for Massage Heights, she observed and helped shape the franchise development of Elevated Brands and quickly became familiar with the values The Gents Place holds so dear. It was these core values and the close alignment between Massage Heights and The Gents Place values that were an important part of the attraction to make The Gents Place the first brand in the Elevated Brands portfolio.

Ashley sits squarely in the middle of a military family of five children and is the “corporate” representative in the family. “I always saw myself working hard to earn a corner office,” she notes. Her father owned a construction company and she attributes her relentless work ethic to his example. “I always want to grow personally and professionally, which directly feeds into the growth of the brand. I will work relentlessly to grow The Gents Place brand.”

A self-described “franchise-industry addict,” Ashley is attracted to the marriage of corporate structure and entrepreneurship that franchising offers. She’s had plenty of on-the-ground experience in various roles that she has held at Massage Heights since early 2012, including advising on local, regional, and national marketing plans, vendor relations, helping to establish regional coops between franchisees (to help with procurement and advertising while keeping costs low). Having experienced the details of the day-to-day gives her an excellent advantage in helping guide a big-picture strategy in her current position.

A mom of two, Ashley confesses that she’s always working to improve the balance between her love for growing all things Elevated and her growing (and adorable) two children, but that’s part of enjoying the journey, which is her favorite Gents Place value.