Cornering the Men’s Skin Care Market: 4 Strategies to Increase Sales

Men’s grooming is a rapidly expanding field as a whole, but many men are discovering the benefits of a good skincare routine. Historically, men’s skincare has lingered behind other grooming products, such as hair care, but that’s starting to change. It isn’t new information that skin care is an important part of your daily routine, and consistently increasing trends show that more men are taking an active interest in their skin’s health. So how does one meet the rising demand for men’s skincare, and increase your sales? We’ll take a closer look at some strategies to boost your sales and help you meet your customer’s wants and needs.

1. Choosing the Right Products to Carry

The first step to selling skin care products is to choose which you will carry. What you carry will — or should — largely depend on what type of demographic you want to sell to. If your primary customer is of a younger demographic, you will want to select a different style of products than if you were trying to sell hard-working skin care products to men of an older demographic who primarily work outdoors and are exposed to the sun all day. Identify what your preferred target audience is, or take a closer look at your existing customers. You can also target the same products to different audiences, with careful advertising.

Identify what you think your customers need or will enjoy, and connect them with the product. You may choose to carry a few lines of carefully curated products, or you may choose to carry a wider variety, depending on what your customer base is looking for. If you want to make it easy for your customers to try new products out, look for sample kits, travel sizes, or other ways that you can let your customers try something new without making a big initial commitment to the new product.

2. Let Consumers Customize

If you offer skin care services, it’s important to offer your customers the chance to customize their services to fit their unique needs. All too often, you see one-size-fits-all approaches to men’s skin care, which can leave men feeling as if skin care isn’t really meant for them. Whether you offer a full menu of facial services or you have carefully selected a line of skin care products, make sure that there are options to let your customers pick and choose what works best for them.

3. Address Your Clients’ Concerns

Your staff should be deeply familiar with the products you carry, and understand how to connect customers with products that can address their concerns, whether it’s dry, cracked skin, fine lines and wrinkles, or even sensitive skin. If you offer facials, waxing services, hand repair treatments, or other services, highlight your product lines by using them in the service. This can give your customers a chance to try the products before they buy. Starting a conversation about their skincare needs can help you better understand what products are commonly desired, as well as recommend options that you think are the best suited to each client.

4. Showcase Your Products

At any location that offers grooming services, it is likely that your space is designed to maximize your ability to comfortably offer those services. Retail space is often an afterthought, but that can hurt your sales. Maximize the impact of your retail space by choosing its location carefully, implementing lighting, and placing the products in an easy-to-view way. Check out department store displays to get inspiration for ways you can show off your products in a stylish, effective way.

Optimizing your skin care sales strategies can help you grow your customer base and allows you to offer one more services to your existing clients. It can be easy to lose money when venturing into retail offerings unless you have a strategy or two — or four — in place to boost your sales.

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