Styling The Gent For A New Job

Hiring an employee today can be tricky. Finding people willing to work a set schedule or be available on weekends has grown to be more difficult than in years past.

So when a young man sits in your chair, looking to get styled for their first day at a new job, it is an opportunity for you to make his experience memorable and his style effective.

How do you gauge what style works best for a newly hired employee? As a barber and business club, you have a unique ability to positively influence the client’s presentation to their potential employer.

Think about the qualities you would like to have in your new employee, and then apply those to the style of haircut and grooming your client needs.

Cool Under Pressure

A new hire gets thrown into the mix very quickly. Most companies treat onboarding as an afterthought, so the ability to handle the pressure of a fast-paced environment is a quality that can be appreciated by an employer.

So that employee needs a haircut that looks professional and purposeful but can withstand the heat of a high-stress situation. Minimal fuss throughout the day is ideal if the client is up for that type of style because the last thing the employee will want to be concerned with is stopping during a project so they can add styling product to their hair.

Attention to Detail

Another quality that hiring managers look for is a potential employee’s attention to detail. They want to know that the man can handle the rush of daily work while not letting the little things fall by the wayside.

You can help your client display his own attention to detail by providing him with the top-notch options that The Gents Place offers to all clients. A straight razor shave will help the new employee look well taken care of and sharp in a way that the average haircut chain cannot help with.

The TGP client is put together, self-assured, and appreciates the best in service at an incomparable level. Who wouldn’t want to hire an employee like that?


When you hire a new employee, you hope they will be dependable. Part of your decision is based off of the candidate’s character and how they present themselves to you. How does that translate into a representative style?

Traditional haircuts are what imply dependability. When your client comes to you for guidance, getting to know their personality and translating it into a respectable haircut is your opportunity to play a prominent role in their quest to get hired. Success will win you the role of trusted advisor.

Whether your client is a young guy looking for his first foray into the corporate world or a middle-aged executive looking for a new role, providing them with the confidence they need through the haircut and grooming you provide is a service that will not go unacknowledged.

Your guidance will help them set the tone for what their employer can expect from you as a new employee.

And once the new company learns that their new employee gets his hair cut at the best barber and business club in the business, their confidence in their hire will only increase.