How To Get SQ Data Without Being Obvious

When you work in the service industry, the level of service quality you provide is critical to creating repeat business and encouraging new customers. As a barber and business club, the areas of focus for providing top-tier service can be varied. Not only must you provide a haircut and grooming that makes the member feel like a million bucks, but you must also provide an atmosphere where they can feel comfortable in making contacts and closing deals from the lounge of The Gents Place.

So how do you understand your performance level? What is the best way to understand how your clients rate their satisfaction levels?

In most service-focused businesses, general surveys and post-job reviews can be utilized to get an insight into the mind of the customer. However, in TGP, the level of service provided is top class and the approach taken to get the client’s feedback should be one that is subtle and not off-putting.

Here are a few ideas to get critical service quality feedback without being heavy-handed about it.

Track Their Visits

TGP clientele are men who are members of a barber and business club that encourages a community outside of the maintenance haircut. Ideally, TGP members come to the club when they need to meet with a colleague or potential business partner in a neutral area. The atmosphere of TGP, the decor, and the level of attention paid by the TGP staff, are all ways to encourage return visits and meetings for a variety of causes or pursuits.

Repeat visits for any type of service that their membership provides are visits that tell you their level of comfort within the TGP environment. If they’re willing to bring others into the confines of their premiere barber and business club, that says a lot about the quality of experience they have at the club.

The more visits a club member makes to the store, the more likely they are to be happy with their association with TGP. That is the valuable insight you can gain without handing them a survey card to fill out.

Encourage Connection on Social Media

Another tool to help gauge a club member’s satisfaction with their TGP experience is to encourage a connection between social media accounts. If the member is willing to connect to the TGP social media accounts, then they must think there is some value to doing so. That sense of value comes through their association with happiness and satisfaction from their visits to the club. How many pages or profiles do you follow of businesses whom you do not value as a service provider?

Asking members to connect could be managed through the advertisement of upcoming member-specific events, or offers that the members may appreciate. Once the online connection is made, the opportunity to encourage the sharing of TGP posts or events by the club members helps get the word out to new customers. Additionally, their willingness to share with their networks shows you that TGP is a business that they are willing to stand behind.

Take Requests

Outside of the more obvious ways to gauge a member’s appreciation for TGP, you can also gather feedback while encouraging a member to make the TGP experience more personalized to him. Subtly asking them about their favorite bourbon or cologne is an opportunity to learn more about the club members. You get insight into their likes and then have the opportunity to provide those items to them on their next visit.

Besides providing favorite products to a club member, you encourage them to feel like their opinion and thoughts matter. You manage to make that impression without asking them to pick a number between one and ten. They understand holistically that your desire to provide unforgettable service is at a level that means they are more than just a recurring revenue stream.  

Showing that you are willing to go the extra mile and cater to your members and their preferences as options at TGP, they will feel heard and understood which are two of the highest tenets of a top-tier service company.

While online surveys or check-out questionnaires may be a way of obtaining data in a data-thirsty world, the real way to prove yourself as a top-level provider is to make sure your club members feel valued and connected with.

Making your outreach personal instead of generic is the best way to obtain accurate data.