Ways to Encourage a TGP Community

The Gents Place is not a mere barbershop. It is a barber & business club. That is made obvious by the decor and atmosphere provided at a TGP location, which encourages people to come early and/or stay after their service has been completed. 

So how do you transform a visit to The Gents Place into a community-minded opportunity instead of just a regular necessity? You give the customers a higher purpose to visit and make sure they understand that TGP is about more than just giving the best grooming services to men. It’s also about doing what we do for the benefit of others.

A Place for Business

While we live in an increasingly digital world, and more and more business transactions are handled online, the art of the first meeting will never go out of style. When a businessman is wooing a new customer or investor, they want to make sure that they are setting the proper tone for the conversation by holding the first meeting in a venue that encourages comfort but holds onto a sense of importance. 

The face-to-face meeting is critical because humans still rely on physical cues when trying to gauge the quality or earnestness of a potential business partner. Even if the contract may be signed via an app, the decision to do business comes from a sense of comfort with the other person, and that can only be realized in an environment where both parties feel that they are comfortable. Leather chairs and high-quality furnishings set a serious tone. TGP provides that level of comfort and seriousness, while still keeping the welcomed atmosphere of neutral ground.

If you can make your club a known resource as a place to close deals for your members, you give them a reason to schedule trips to the club. Additionally, there is the chance that with each positive meeting, a new customer could see what TGP offers without undergoing a cold sales pitch. They get to recognize TGP as a place where good people do business, and that makes them more likely to purchase a membership for themselves.

Friendly Bonds

Traditionally, the barbershop is the place where men socialize outside of work. The barbershop is where the real news gets shared, and tales of successful adventures get told. With TGP, you get to promote that same experience, but at a level of high-end pursuits. Today’s men don’t have the type of solid friendships that generations past had, and it has become a real necessity to try and find a friendship that is valuable to both parties.

Through the application process and return visits, the TGP team gets to know their clients, especially their likes and dislikes as well as their struggles and their passions. With the TGP lounge and all that comes with it, you have the perfect environment to encourage like-minded connections to be made through common hobbies and topics. While TGP does encourage some socialization opportunities through unique events and exclusive perks, there is no reason that you can’t make meet-ups more common. 

Taking the time to create a themed environment or topic-focused event for your club members shows them that you care about more than just their haircut. You welcome their involvement through club events which makes them feel like they are part of something more valuable than just a membership for haircuts. You provide them with community and not just a service. That will always be well-received.

A Bigger Service

While you should encourage your members to utilize TGP for the environment and opportunities that it provides, it should not be overlooked that TGP is about more than just providing great service in a great place. One of the unique aspects of The Gents Place is the work it does to serve others who are not customers,  but people in need and deserving of help. The work we do with Veterans and the homeless through the purchasing of meals as a function of purchases sets us apart from the run-of-the-mill men’s grooming sites.

There’s no secret about the need to help those less fortunate than us in this country today, and most men want to help. The type of clients that TGP attracts are in unique positions to be able to give back to their communities, either financially, through the support of their businesses, or through their time given. TGP provides a very worthy avenue for those men to help through, but we also have the luxury of pulling a high-quality group of men together for ulterior reasons, giving us a ready-made list of men who can contribute to the causes that matter.

The opportunity for TGP to create a sense of community for its members is something that should not be squandered. The purpose of TGP is to encourage community through business, networking, friendships, and service to others, all while providing a high-end service of men’s haircuts, straight razor shaves, and men’s spa services to the customers we care about.