Our Grooming Specialists Explain: Men’s Hair Products

If you’re feeling dazed just looking at all the men’s hair products on the shelf, you’re in good company. It can be a challenge to find the right products for your style, but our Grooming Specialists at The Gents Place are here to break it all down for you. Here are the basics of your hair product options.

Hair Wax

While wax sounds like one of the least likely things you’d put in your hair, it can be a fantastic product for men with shorter hairstyles. Wax gives you natural control and light shine. It comes in matte and shiny finishes and will give you a styled look that isn’t too styled. It’s malleable, which means that you can restyle your hair and go, without washing it out. When it does come time to wash it out, water-soluble waxes will shampoo right out of your hair without any hassle.

Putty or Clay

A more heavy-duty version of wax, putties (sometimes called clays) offer more styling control but lend themselves well to longer, disheveled looks. They also add thickness, which can boost the volume of your hair or make it appear thicker—a nice benefit for men whose hair is on the thinner side.


A classic styling product, pomades give you a sleeker style. These products are wonderful for pompadours and neat, slicked-back styles. Pomades work best on thicker hair, ranging from wavy to straight. These products produce a shinier look than wax but offer a much stronger hold.

Styling Cream

Rather than a thick, waxy solid like the above products, styling creams are a liquid product. Styling creams don’t offer much in the way of hold, but they are great at smoothing flyaways, defining curls, and preventing frizz. If you have longer hair, curls, or dry hair, a cream can nourish your hair and define your natural texture.


Serums are liquid, like a cream, but often resemble a thick oil more than a lotion. These products are also commonly referred to as gloss or polish. They generally contain silicone and hair-friendly oils, which add shine and reduce frizz. They can be great for longer hair, but if you have dry or curly hair, the silicone in a serum can prevent your hair from getting the moisture it needs to be healthy. This can lead to damage and more frizz.


Gels offer maximum hold, but they can be a challenge to use correctly. Cheap gels have a tendency to flake, leaving you looking like you have a bad case of dandruff. That doesn’t mean you should steer clear completely, though! If you like a wet or structured look, use a high-quality gel with the right amount of hold for your hair. Fine or thin hair benefits from a light hold, while medium to thick hair can require a firm hold gel.


Mousse has definitely seen a decline in popularity since the demise of 80s hair bands. While you may not want to rock the big-hair look, mousse still can help thicken thin hair in a subtle way. Talk to your Grooming Specialist for tips on how to best use mousse for the look you want.


Another product many men don’t think is meant for them, hairspray can be a perfect finishing touch to lock your style in place. A light-hold hairspray will help tame fly-aways, without the use of heavy gels or serious products. If you want a naturally neat look, hairspray may become your new go-to product.

Having a great head of hair doesn’t mean you need to get a headache trying to find the right products! When you come to The Gents Place, our expert Grooming Specialists will be happy to answer your grooming questions and help you find the perfect new style and products to match. Whether you’re a no-fuss kind of guy or carefully coiffed, our team of men’s grooming professionals is here to help.

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