We’re Verified: What Our Franchise Registry Status Means for You

When exploring any franchise opportunity, financial matters — your own and those of the franchise brand — carry a lot of weight. The franchise model means you are investing in your own small business but doing so with the support of a franchisor. The financial health and stability of the franchisor can affect everything from your ability to secure initial financing to the long-term success of your business.

The Gents Place does not take your investment in us lightly. With that in mind, we’re proud to announce our verified status as a 2020 Franchise Registry member. While any franchise brand can be listed on the Franchise Registry, verified members demonstrate transparency and a proactive commitment to financial health, which makes it easier for prospective franchise owners to secure financing. Essentially, it’s a badge representing our dedication to you.

What is the Franchise Registry?

Maintained by FRANdata, an industry-leading franchise analytics firm, the Franchise Registry was developed as a place for lenders to confirm brand existence and viability and access FDDs for virtually any franchise opportunity. When a franchise brand is a verified member of the Franchise Registry, it means the franchisor has reviewed its risk profile and made these details accessible to lenders, prospective franchisees, and others. As a verified member, The Gents Place has consulted with the experts at FRANdata. We understand our risk profile and we are committed to proactive improvement so that our prospective owners and third-party lenders can do business with us with confidence.

How Does Verified Member Status Benefit Our Franchisees?

Because The Gents Place is a verified member of the Franchise Registry, lenders can assess our risk profile quickly and confidently. This sets up our prospective franchise owners to receive faster financing decisions and more favorable loan terms. The Franchise Registry assists more than 9,000 lenders with the underwriting process, and our verified status shows that we’re an educated franchisor dedicated to supporting our franchisees every step of the way. Experience has shown that verified members tend to have better performance outcomes than non-verified members, likely because the proactive step of becoming verified ensures brands know exactly what their credit risk profiles and FUND scores are and how they can improve.

Gentlemen, opportunity calls. Reach out to us online or at (888) 463-2145 to learn more about financing options for our barbershop franchise.