The Rise In Men’s Grooming: Exceptional Opportunities

For the franchise owner in today’s society, you have to possess a passion for your industry — a hunger, if you will. Owning a business is much more than signing on the dotted line, and opening up shop. And with a great opportunity in front of your eyes, it should almost seem like a no-brainer to want to be better, perform better, and excel in your line of work. Specifically regarding the men’s grooming industry, there are a few reasons to get excited and passionate about a new business venture — and we’ve got them below.

Booming Business, Big Opportunity

The men’s grooming industry currently sits above $21 Billion, which marks the highest it’s ever been and continues to show signs of massive growth in the years to come. It’s no surprise that many men are now turning to an experience that embodies more than just a seat in a leather chair, and a few scissor snips. When it comes to premium grooming, men want the best — and they’re willing to pay for it. Looking and feeling their best often translates into a positive experience — getting in on the action for yourself is just step 1 As a franchise owner, you’re able to harness this demand in your local area and bring them the experience they’ve been looking for.

Industry Separation

Competition is always healthy, but this scenario is a bit different. The Gents Place created a segment of grooming previously untouched, and certainly unperfected — until now. High-quality experiences include an array of premium grooming services, complimentary drinks, great conversation, and a staff that knows what their clients want. There are always going to be slight imitations aligning themselves with one service or another — but there has never, and will never be another Gents Place.

Helping Shape the World

As mentioned above, men perform at their best when they look and feel the same way. With everything from haircuts to shoe shining and foot repair treatments, a man can enter your storefront with an itinerary of tasks that need completion, and walk out with nothing else left to check off. Creating a one-stop shop for these men ensures profit retention, a loyal customer base, and even more opportunity for referral business. Once you provide them with everything they’d need under one roof, there’s never a reason to look anywhere else.

Are you looking for an exciting new men’s grooming franchise opportunity? Then look no further! The Gents Place is looking for strong candidates to join our team of strategic partners. Learn more about our process to see if you feel you would be a good fit for our franchise.