The Physiological Benefits of a TGP Experience

As a men’s grooming salon, The Gents Place strives to maximize its benefits to its customers to continue the growth of the customer base. We do this by selling the experience of a trip to TGP more than the cost benefits or speediness. Any business can cut hair fast and cheaply, but can it leave its customers feeling like they received more than a cut and a financial transaction from the visit?

The Gents Place is spectacular in that it delivers a high-quality product at a very reasonable price with an unforgettable experience that leaves the customer ready to return, not just because they need another haircut. One of the many featured offerings that make a TGP trip an experience and not just a chore is our 7-course hair service. This experience is rewarding in many ways, but a key selling point to the customer should be the physiological benefits of such a service. 

Look Their Best

The 7-course service at The Gents Place helps take care of the clients from the top of their heads to their hands. Most men looking for a haircut already know the obvious benefit, meaning their hair is shorter when they leave than when they enter the business. Helping the man leave feeling infinitely better compared to when he comes in is the best sales tactic to focus on. We must help our clients leave the chair and friendly environment feeling like a million bucks. Our 7-course hair service helps us achieve this by focusing on more than just the hair, and instead on the overall healthy glow and appearance of the client.

Starting with energizing hair shampoo and conditioning means the client’s hair becomes clean and revitalized, making it more healthy and luxurious. Following this with a scalp massage improves the overall blood flow to the scalp, bringing the needed nutrients to encourage healthier follicles and better hair growth. Coupling this with a face refresher treatment means the skin looks healthy and more vibrant, which matches their revitalized hair. Additionally, treating the hands of the client with paraffin hand dipping makes the skin feel smoother and provides much-needed moisturization to a vital part of a man’s body. These services mean they look their best instantaneously and over time, which helps them feel their best.

Feel Their Best

For most men, finding the time for a haircut is treated like another chore on the to-do list. If we make them look forward to this time as a treat instead of a task, we help them be happy about scheduling their return visits. We want them to see their visit as a time for themselves to be still. They can’t answer their work phone when you have a hot towel on their face, so this visit is a repose for them from the daily grind as much as the overall service is a treat.

The scalp, shoulder, and hand massages help the client to relax and de-stress for a while, giving rise to an uplifted mood and general sense of well-being. Having someone else knead their tight muscles and areas that carry the most tension makes the client feel treated and valued by someone else, even if they have paid for the service. Additionally, the atmosphere of The Gents Place creates a mood of relaxation and positive masculine energy that makes the location feel more like a den of respite and less like a waiting room for a rushed service. These valuable touches create a sense of care that builds a relationship between the client and team members of The Gents Place, encouraging repeat business and first-person marketing on behalf of TGP. Happy customers are the best mouthpiece for TGP, and getting our clients to feel their best before leaving is the best way to ensure those clients can be their best selves and share their experiences with friends, family members, and colleagues.

Be Their Best

One of the most valued aspects of a man’s health is their mental health. A man’s mindset plays a big part in how he sees the world and reacts to stressors. Providing him with a sense of being his best is an enormous benefit of The Gents Place experience, in addition to the health and stress-reducing benefits already discussed. How can we help a client improve their mindset and be their best?

One of the many aspects of the 7-course hair service is the personal consultation and professional styling that the team members provide to our clients. This experience leaves the client feeling that they are receiving the best possible advice and service on how to look their best. Looking their best has a rising effect on a man’s mental health because it improves their self-confidence. When they look their best, they feel their best. When they feel their best, they do their best. Doing their best means they have a buoyed sense of ability that translates to more positivity and fewer negative emotions.

By providing an environment for men to come in and have their grooming needs taken care of that also benefits them physiologically, we bring value to our clients that will ingratiate us into their world and help us become viewed as more than a simple utilitarian service. In helping our clients look better, feel better, and be better, we will become an appreciated part of their lives and make The Gents Place a successful men’s grooming salon.