How to Appeal to Blue Collar Customers

A high-end grooming franchise will always appeal to the white-collar workforce, where their appearance matters to the connections they build. However, blue-collar men may be less likely to allow themselves opportunities to feel stylish and experience the benefits of a bespoke grooming service. As a franchisee, gaining traction within the blue-collar industries would be a boon to business growth. How can you convince blue-collar men to spend the time and money to accept the experience that The Gents Place provides?

Sell To Their Mindset

The typical blue-collar man has a certain mindset regarding allowing themselves the niceties of men’s grooming. Younger men typically look up to the older gent in their career field, and thus follow their lead in what is acceptable and what is frivolous in hard-nosed industries. A man who drinks black coffee and prides himself on the scars displayed upon his calloused hands will most likely consider a paraffin hand treatment and massage as something that will degrade their standing as a hard worker. Calluses build character, but so does attention to detail.

To change the mindset of the man who must retain rough edges, you must appeal to his sense of tradition. When we think of men who worked to build this nation’s skyscrapers or marvels of construction, we do not think of them as disheveled men. We think of them as men who worked hard to provide for their families. However, they were men who appreciated dedication to one’s profession. As the younger white-collar cultures change and their sense of style moves toward comfort over substance, the blue-collar man is in a position to be wooed by the attention to detail that a 7-course hair service provides. The angle must be that men’s grooming isn’t about softening one’s appearance. Instead, men’s grooming is about sharpening one’s appearance through dedication and repairing one’s physical appearance after the hard work is done.

Taking A Break To Re-Focus

Once you have converted the blue-collar gent’s mindset toward honest reasoning for taking care of their appearance, you must help them realize that time spent in the barber’s chair is time for them to unwind. These men focus on providing for others, so to sit and let someone take care of them is often alienating. They feel obliged to serve others through the sweat of their brow, not by having that same brow exfoliated while relaxing in a leather, wood, and polished chrome chair.

The real selling point for The Gents Place experience is that the man knows he is taken care of much in the same way he prides himself on taking care of others. Taking time for one’s self is not a shirking of responsibilities. It is time to for accepting that all they do for others is worth a treat for themselves. While blue-collar workers may pride themselves on how dirty they get during the day, everyone feels better when they look better. The key is to make sure that these men don’t feel guilty about letting someone else take care of them, for a change.

Showing Others How To Clean Up  

Another aspect of reluctance for many blue-collar men to take their grooming more seriously is the razzing they may experience from their fellow rough-edged men. As much as some good-natured ribbing may be a deterrent, the confidence provided by positive responses will always overcome the fear of standing out like a sore, yet manicured, thumb amongst their fellow tradesmen. 

Making the blue-collar man understand that his time focused on himself will result in favorable responses from others is an approach that should be a primary maneuver once he is in the barber’s chair. If he can understand that his attention to his grooming status will be received favorably by those whom he hopes to attract or continue to attract, he will leave the location with an upturned chin, broad shoulders, and an extra pep to his step. He will be confident, and confidence breeds return visits.

The experience of tailored grooming services brings all men of any colored collar into the warm confines of The Gents Place. The key to getting blue-collar workers to come in for their first experience is to make them realize that it isn’t a cop-out or an attempt to be something they are not. That first trip to The Gents Place should be because they understand that the experience is something for them as well. They should know that their willingness to take care of themselves will serve them in their ability to remain a rough and tough provider for others. They will just look a little sharper as they do so.

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on Pexels