The Gents Place From The Gents: Dustin Tondre

In this ongoing series, we will profile some of our distinguished members from our clubs across the country to find out why they love The Gents Place.

These days, it’s not often that people really know what they want to study in college, then go on to build a business around it. But Dustin Tondre has done precisely that. Studying Marketing and Finance at Texas State University in San Marcos, Dustin found a true fascination and passion for financial planning and the process of building wealth. He spent 8 years at USAA Wealth Management, picking up an MBA at Incarnate Word University along the way, before deciding to relocate to Dallas where he would build TL Private Wealth with his business partner and grade school friend, Brad Little. Dallas was where he would also find The Gents Place.

“To be honest, I very much saw haircuts as something transactional that I had to do. I didn’t really have a set place or set barber I went to. Even if I did find someone I liked, he/she could sometimes have a high turnover. That was all different at Gents.”

Dustin’s office is by our Southlake club and the geographic awareness of driving past our location that was being built, as well as some targeted social media advertising put the brand on his radar, but it was a networking event at our Preston Hollow club that got him inside a club for the first time, and the realization that this was less about getting a haircut and more about having an experience and meeting like-minded, high-caliber men.

From the roving randomness of his previous haircutting habits, Dustin now has a set time in his calendar for the third Thursday of each month, when he gets a 7-course hair service at our Southlake club.

“There are two different stylists who know me and cut my hair. They take such good notes that I don’t have to say anything. I can just sit down and know that I’m going to walk away happy and relaxed. I’ve got a lot of chaos and stress in my life, but never at The Gents Place. It’s a monthly experience I get to have just for myself.”

Not only has The Gents Place surpassed what he could have ever expected in getting a simple haircut, as he’s had a chance to host a fundraiser at one of our clubs, but the Dallas/Ft. Worth area has also been a great place for TL Private Wealth to grow and Dustin’s pondering opening a second office and is always on the lookout for possible new advisors to add to the team. Those new advisors have characteristics that a lot of our members have: someone with an entrepreneurial spirit, who appreciates helping others grow wealth, with uncapped income potential. They may already be in the industry but desire to transition to being aligned with a firm that serves as fiduciaries only.

Dustin is a member we are proud to have, and a good example of those hundreds of thousands of gentlemen who would love to get to a Gents Place…if they only knew such a place existed.