Know The Industry: Why Hand And Foot Repairs?

In our last article within our Know the Industry series we looked at the most important part of our suite of services: haircuts. In this article, we are going to focus on something that society, specifically in America, has not considered vital or, as some would call it, manly.  The services are commonly known as manicures and pedicures. We took the first step towards defusing the all too common connotations by using the terms hand and foot repair to describe our services rather than manicure and pedicure.

Start with Why

Remember that at The Gents Place, we are never simply selling haircuts, hand and foot repairs, or straight razor shaves.  We are selling a feeling: looking and feeling your best.  The reality is that a haircut is only one way that you can look and feel your best.  Our other services help you do that too and truly do help to provide the confidence you receive as a result of your entire appearance being top-notch. All the way from your head to your toes…literally.

Benefits of the Services

Our feet bear us up every single day and this work does not come without side effects, and apart from tiredness and odor, sometimes things like callouses, corns, ingrown toenails, bunions, etc. can crop up and cause pain, discomfort, and even embarrassment.  Our hands also have a busy workload, though those who work outdoors and with their hands usually take on more than those in an office job. However you use your hands throughout your day, they need some TLC just like the rest of your body does.

The primary benefit of hand and foot repair is health: if your hands and feet are regularly cleaned and examined then issues are far likelier to be caught early on.  But there’s also a feel-good component;  Apart from the dead skin being removed, the cuticles pushed back, and the nails being cleaned, there’s a component of massage to any hand or foot service that relaxes you and gets you ready to go back to whatever is in your day.

Finally, there’s also a cosmetic benefit – you don’t have to worry about how your feet look in sandals or when you’re barefoot on the beach during your summer vacation. You also don’t have to worry about your client noticing your unkept hands while sitting across from you during your big sales pitch. While it may be deemed as unmanly to some, good health, hygiene, and presentation go very far in life.

How often?

As noted above, some men are going to be harder on their hands or feet by virtue of their lifestyle, but for most men, once a month is a good interval to take great care of your hands and feet so that you can look and feel your best in yet another way, courtesy of The Gents Place.