TGP Franchising Adds Three New Franchisees in 2023

The Gents Place welcomes three new Texas-based franchisees, bringing unforgettable experiences to their members at the barber and business club concept.

DALLAS: December 2023 – The Gents Place, after pausing on new franchisees during the pandemic, re-opened in 2023 and brought on three franchisees. Men in Midland/Odessa, Prosper, and Celina, Texas, will have the opportunity to receive the best barber services and business networking experience at the new club locations.

The new franchisees all believe in the service mission of TGP, and appreciate the opportunity to give back to their local communities through the Haircuts for Our Homeless, Meals to Homeless Veterans, and Operation Gentlemen Suit Drive initiatives unique to The Gents Place. 

The Odessa franchisee is Torrey Harding, who grew up learning the right way to do things from her hardworking grandfather. Torrey and her husband have a mobile mechanic’s business in the Midland/Odessa area already, and her more than 15 years of experience in salons and cutting hair means she knows what it takes to make her clients feel and look phenomenal.

The two new locations in Prosper and Celina are co-owned by two best friends who are next-door neighbors and share a vacation cabin in Broken Bow, Oklahoma. Their wives are best friends as well, and the two families are taking on the experience of owning TGP clubs as a team, including each of their three children.

Chris Carns is a board-certified estate planning attorney, a licensed financial advisor, and COO of The Cabana Group, a registered investment advisory firm. He believes that giving up equity is the most expensive form of financing in life, and is taking on the ownership of two TGP locations with a boot-strapping mentality and an appreciation for the mission. 

Dave brings in prior franchisee experience, having bought and sold a D-Bat franchise in the DFW area. He believes in the leadership of TGP and its mission and wants to be a part of an organization that values philanthropy and helping people. He was able to see this leadership firsthand when he was at a Haircuts for Our Homeless event and witnessed not only the founder of TGP participating in the event, but also his wife and children.

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