A Gift that Keeps Giving

Getting men in the door of a TGP club is usually done through the member-specific targeting of ads and outreach. After all, they are the ones who will benefit from the experience of a TGP service.

There are other people, however, who can play a role in the recruitment of men into memberships, who will not be sitting in the chair. They may not even be present when the services are performed for the man of the hour. Those people are the significant others and loved ones of the members. Their thoughts about the value of providing their loved one with an experience of feeling and looking great are something that should not be overlooked when convincing a man to join the club.

Something Special for Someone Special

As much as we all may love our significant others, the truth is that most of us struggle when it comes to buying them something special as gifts. Our indecision comes from doubts about exactly what they want. Wanting to give them something they will love for longer than just the day they receive the gift is also an area of concern. 

How do you show the person you love how much they mean to you every day of the year?

One way is by making sure they look and feel special, year round. That is why a membership sold as a gift for men, bought by a special someone, is such a perfect way to bring in more members to the club. Unlike a necktie that they won’t wear or a tool they already have, a haircut is something every man will need, year-round. Even those of us who may be follicly-challenged can still benefit from an experience at The Gents Place. Everyone can leave feeling rejuvenated, relaxed, and looking like a million bucks. Neckties rarely have this sort of effect.

Good For Him, Good For You

Another advantage of women buying the men in their lives something to help them look and feel their best is the benefits they will also receive. Buying their man a membership gives them control over where their men go to get tastefully advised and groomed. The local strip mall tenants who cut hair as a utilitarian function will be out of the picture when the new members experience the full services of a TGP.

As a member, men will have no excuse for letting the hair on their neck get a little wild and unruly. They won’t want to let that happen anyway, because they will be looking forward to their next trip to their TGP for some time to relax, de-stress, and get groomed for the lady who bought them such a thoughtful gift. 

Trickle-Down Grooming Effects

Men who feel and look their best will also be more friendly and amenable, in general. If one gift can be a mood changer, a high-caliber grooming service is it. We live in times of high stress and it can be easy to allow that stress to affect us in other areas of our lives. Tensions can rise and cause some unnecessary division. While it shouldn’t be suggested that a visit to TGP can change a person’s attitude in life completely, it can turn a frown upside down. The atmosphere and services of the club will leave anyone feeling tense more relaxed and tranquil. 

Which is good for everyone who is around them. Meaning not only the man in the chair benefits from a TGP experience.

The men who come to our clubs are there for the experience and attention they receive. The significant others who send those men to us are worth some consideration in marketing as well. While the club may be modeled after a man-centric environment and attitude, the people who care for those men can also appreciate what the TGP club offers their clients: a revitalized look, a cared-for person, and a man with an extra spring in his step.