Rascal: High-End Products Exclusively At The Gents Place

When founder Ben Davis started The Gents Place, he had a vision for an entire experience: how clubs were designed, the culture and values of the staff, and even the type of products that we use and sell. Wanting the very best for every gentleman, Ben (somehow) found the time to develop a line of luxe retail products called Rascal. Just like The Gents Place, Rascal provides the very best experience with every use — crafted for gentlemen, but nodding to the Rascal in all of us.

What is a Rascal?

A rascal is a gentleman made of equal parts mischief and charm. Like many of our Gents Place members, he is a well-mannered, well-groomed, and ambitious man. He knows what he wants and beneath that charm is just a bit of mischief. Under that calm and collected exterior is a rogue man with a taste for the good life that comes out at just the right moment. Think George Clooney and Brat Pit in Ocean’s Eleven or Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin.

What Sets Rascal Products Apart?

Rascal products use natural ingredients, no synthetics, and provide a consistently strong experience with every use.

The high-end product line includes a variation of hair pomades, hair wash (shampoo), hair repair (conditioner), and face scrub.

Exclusivity for Our Members

Since its inception, Rascal has continued to grow at an accelerated rate. After realizing the success of the first few products, the Rascal line has continued to grow by adding a body wash (pomelo), a face scrub (walnut shell), and a facial cleanser (charcoal). Also debuting soon is a body lotion, toner, and facial moisturizer to add to the already rewarding line.

Men’s fragrances and other products that complement gentlemen are in the works per the high demand for even more Rascal products.

As Rascal products comprise many of the items in the back bar at each The Gents Place club, members get a chance to “try before they buy” during their grooming services — an opportunity for gentlemen to personally experience the luxe products at no additional cost outside of their service. Our TGP members have yet another reason to feel privileged as Rascal will be exclusively available at The Gents Place only — providing one more way that our clubs and brand are set apart in the ultra-premium men’s grooming category that we helped to create and continue to define.

Have you tried Rascal products yet? Send us a message to get some samples if you haven’t!