Franchising With The Gents Place Is The Opportunity You’ve Been Waiting For

If you’re looking to become a business owner, there are a few avenues you can take to get there. While many end up with a similar ribbon-cutting grand opening, we’re in agreement that one structure reigns supreme over the others — franchising. These independent business owners take advantage of being able to offer both a product and service, while also capitalizing on the benefits that come with an established brand name. At The Gents Place, our mission is to assist prospective and new franchisees in feeling confident that they’re making the best decision by choosing us.

Business Model Matters

It’s imperative to know the difference between a full-fledged corporation and a franchise, as they operate very differently. A franchise business model may include franchising fees, advertising fees, and payments to the franchise, also known as royalties. As an independent owner, you are also responsible for the daily operation of your franchise and many of the other factors that go along with it. In today’s day and age, a modern approach in a new category of business causes disruption, which can yield big returns to businesses causing it. Recently topping $21 billion, the men’s grooming industry is where The Gents Place stands out as the authoritative figure in the men’s grooming industry.

Breaking Social Constructs

Today, it’s much more common to see men taking care of themselves — much more than they ever used to. Being conscious of your nails, hair, and skin has become the norm, and most men are looking for a place to satisfy their needs. Creating a haven for these demands was becoming a necessity, and Ben Davis, founder of The Gents Place, understood just that. Combining everything a man could need under one roof and turning it into a lavish experience is the main reason people choose us for their grooming needs. Our franchises are nestled into various cities and states across the country, with expansion opportunities still available in multiple territories throughout the United States.

Capitalizing Quickly

The truth is, while this particular space is considered new, it’s also rapidly expanding and extremely promising. The combination of technology and business-savvy generations who are looking to innovate can only create competition when starting from scratch. Luckily for franchisees of The Gents Place, you’re able to be a trailblazer in this industry, while also taking advantage of an authoritative brand name that’s been around for a decade. Market share will soon be a key component in success. As bigger names emerge into the forefront of the grooming space, you’ll want to make sure yours is front and center.

Expansion Opportunities

Owning a corner of the market is something that, during an industry’s early years, becomes all too important. With the men’s grooming industry expected to rise 42% to $30 billion by 2027, more locations are going to be needed to continue to preserve our dominance. As a top-tier premium grooming experience for men, multi-unit franchising isn’t just something we’d like to see, we expect it! As an area’s demand begins to meet or exceed the current supply, it’s time to carefully expand and bring world-class men’s grooming to markets throughout the country.

Your Next New Beginning

Whether you’re a seasoned business owner or this is your first entrepreneurial venture, the process in which you go from inception to opening the doors is no different. Motivated and willing-to-learn leaders are some of the criteria we look for in potential franchisees, and we’d love to know your story and how you’d like to grow your next business with us. With a proven training method and constant support, you’re primed for an auspicious experience as the next owner of a Gents Place Franchise.