Easy Ways to Stand Out from Competing Barbershops

Market saturation is a growing concern in many areas. There simply aren’t enough clients for the number of businesses offering services, and as a result, those who blend in often never get ahead. Men’s grooming is a booming business, fortunately, but that doesn’t make it any less critical to remain competitive. How can you stand apart from the crowd of similar services? You can begin by checking out these tips to make your businesses the leaders of the pack.

Highlight Your Staff

The grooming specialists in your shop are the backbone of your business. Without them, you’d have no way of offering your services to your customers. So take the time to show them off. Do you only hire people trained by a certain school or institution? Or maybe all your grooming specialists have more than a set amount of experience. Do you have someone who specializes in unique cuts, such as fades and clipper designs? Perhaps you have someone who has an intimate knowledge of styling and caring for curly or naturally textured hair. Make it known! Spread the news on social media. Use it as an advertising point. Reach out to potential client demographics who would be interested in specialized knowledge or services.

Be Visual

Grooming can make you feel powerful and well-prepared, but it also appeals to the eye. Whether you’re showing off the difference a hand repair service can make or you wanted to highlight the expert cuts your grooming specialists offer, you should get your camera out and start snapping. Sharing images on social media is a great way to show people what you do. Before-and-after collages are especially powerful, but don’t feel shy capturing how great a fresh trim looks, or getting action shots mid-cut (with permission, of course!). Want your customers to do some legwork, too? Consider offering a free service, a discount, or other perks for tagging your business and spreading the word on social media.

Start a Club

Who doesn’t enjoy feeling like they belong? A membership club is a valuable way for you to promote your services and encourage your clients to become exclusive, while also offering your clients valuable services, tempting benefits, or even a price discount on your services when they sign up for regular appointments. Think about what makes your business unique, and then tailor your membership club around that. Whether you offer a restorative skin treatment as part of your membership package services, or offer a free craft beer or glass of top-shelf whiskey for visiting members—provided they’re of age—you can capitalize on offering the services your clients already are familiar with, plus a little something special.

Connect With the Community

Barbershops have long been centers of the community for men, who gather to discuss the latest news, catch the game, and socialize with other men. Create a welcoming environment that encourages clients to linger a little. It’s becoming rarer to take time for yourself, so be sure to let your clients know they can take just a little bit more time before they step back out into the world.

Additionally, you can reach beyond your clients to the rest of the community by hosting events, teaming up with charities, or otherwise supporting those in the community. Host a gallery showing for local artists, create a fundraising campaign or flyer that encourages clients to come in and benefit a local school or organization, or even throw a small party to celebrate your customers. Become a cornerstone of the community, and you’ll always be a household name.

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