Combining Salon Techniques with Barbershop Experiences

As the men’s grooming industry is evolving, there’s been a definitive split in the types of businesses offering men’s grooming services. Unisex salons and their variety of offerings are attracting clients who are seeking out more than the traditional shave and haircut of many barbershops. Recently, however, barbershops have been gaining some ground in the men’s grooming industry, by updating their classic feel with a wider selection of services designed to keep men looking and feeling their best.

Combining the comforting, familiar experience of an old-school barbershop with the premium grooming services modern men want can be a challenge, but the reward is a loyal following of gentlemen who trust you to keep them looking sharp. Here are some of the similarities and differences between salons and barbershops, and some professional tips to help you blend these services for the ultimate men’s grooming experience.

Training: Men’s Styling vs. Barbershops

Barbering is a service designed for men, and those who pursue training in barbering are taught to work with a squarer, more masculine bone structure when styling and cutting hair. Men’s stylists, on the other hand, often have more extensive training in women’s styling and may be better at textured styles with a rounded shape. Many barbers do come from a styling background, however, and may have an education that spans both styles of haircutting.

Our tip: Hairstyling is an evolving, changing field. Stay ahead of the curve and focus on continuing education for your Grooming Specialists. Salons typically won’t lose female clients to barbershops, but barbering is at risk of losing male clients to salons. Staying on trend and keeping a well-rounded staff is the best way to continue to meet your clients’ needs.

Client Experience

Often, men who know what they want and want to keep it simple look to their local barbershop for their cuts. Most of barbering is working with clippers and appropriate guards. In hair styling salons, clippers may be used alongside shears and straight razors for more constructed, textured results. Men’s styling caters to the gentleman who wants to stay in touch with the latest styles, which means that staying up-to-date on these latest hair designs is a must for businesses that want to attract these clients.

Our tip: You can offer the comfortable feel of an old-fashioned barbershop and the upscale hair styling your clients desire. Highly trained Grooming Specialists, thoughtful service offerings, and a comfortable environment will create an experience your clients are excited to repeat.

Product Offerings

When men purchase styling and care products from their barbershop, they do so because they trust you to stock the best products for them, and it’s convenient. Shops that skip the retail part of their services miss out on offering their clients another valuable service—continuing their styling at home. In men’s styling salons, many men use the products that their stylist recommends to recreate their look at home. Often, it’s important to them that their stylist gives each product their stamp of approval.

Our tip: Retailing products to men can be simple, but it’s important to build trust and never push an unnecessary product on a client. Start at the consultation by asking your clients about their home styling routine, including what they use in the shower for their hair, what they do after their shower, and what styling products they currently use. Once you have an idea of their routine, it’s easier for a Grooming Specialist to develop a custom style using carefully chosen products that fit the client’s lifestyle. When using a new product, briefly explain what it is, what it does, and how to use it.

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