The Gents Place from The Gents: Ryan Forster

In this ongoing series, we will profile some of our distinguished members from our clubs across the country to find out why they love The Gents Place.

Ryan Forster first heard about The Gents Place the way many of our members do: from another member. He had been to a couple of private events at our club in Leawood, Kansas, including one that featured some Teslas (this ended up being a good event not just for The Gents Place but for Tesla too — Ryan is a long-time Tesla enthusiast and attributes his purchase of a Tesla to this event). A short while after Ryan was first introduced to TGP, he decided to try The Gents Place for his grooming service. “I’m big into loyalty,” Ryan confesses. “I don’t want a random person taking care of me and I want someone who knows how precious and important my time is to me.” Like many gents, it didn’t take long for Ryan to find that his loyalty lies with The Gents Place. Del, one of our most experienced Senior Grooming Specialists, is currently taking excellent care of Ryan and his hair. “I love that it’s scheduled 3-4 months out and that I can walk in, be taken care of, and get back to work.”

Ryan stays pretty busy. While he got the business-owner bug from his tech-entrepreneur father, it wasn’t without some healthy doses of salt. His family lost millions due to the incompetence and dishonesty of some investment professionals, and from an early age, Ryan wanted to make a difference by entering the field of financial planning and correcting that imbalance. He studied Economics at KU and worked in a few sales jobs before moving into the investment industry at Merrill Lynch…right before 2008. After that he had a stint at US Bank, advising clients who were new to investing before leaving to pick up some work as a solo advisor, eventually starting his own firm. Now, Engage Advisors is a growing financial planning team, and Ryan is a Certified Financial Planner™ and a fiduciary, offering fee-only advice to clients, many of whom are in the medical and legal fields.

In addition to his impressive resume, Ryan also has an impressive interest in all things health and fitness related. Unfortunately, he is currently on hiatus from rock climbing due to his schedule, but it has allowed him time to enjoy watching KU basketball while appreciating the views of the forest from his house in South Johnson County, Kansas, which he shares with his wife Stephanie, his children Anthony and Stella as well as his Blue Merle Sheltie Daisy.

We appreciate Ryan for letting The Gents Place be a part of his success story.