The Gents Place from the Gents: Dr. James Mirabile

In this ongoing series, we will profile some of our distinguished members from our clubs across the country to find out why they love The Gents Place.

Dr. James Mirabile is in his 26th year in private practice, though he wasn’t always at the helm of a Wellness Center and Medical Spa. He once was a practicing OB-GYN and delivered over 7,500 babies before pivoting and expanding his business. Dr. Mirabile is passionate about women’s health and as he saw the industry begin to change, he wanted to ensure he was able to maintain a high quality of care for his patients. Interestingly, some of the babies he once delivered are now in their 20s and are clients themselves of Dr. Mirabile’s new practice. These clients are in great care with Dr. Mirabile and his team of experts: His longest-standing employee has been there for 23 years, so it’s clear that he fosters an environment of trust and loyalty.

That environment of trust is what drew him to The Gents Place and keeps him coming back. His practice is not far from our Leawood club, and he was a walk-in client before it was a Gents Place location. “It’s like walking into your own home,” he reflects. “It’s first-class service and it’s that hour I get to take care of myself.” While it’s not that surprising that a man who runs a wellness center enjoys a place where he can practice what he preaches, it’s also the relationships he treasures.

In today’s day and age, quality can often be left by the wayside,” he opines. “When I walk into the club, I’m treated with quality and consistency, from all of the staff, from the front of the house to the back.” Just as he enjoys seeing his employees year after year, Dr. Mirabile has enjoyed seeing the same people at The Gents Place each time he visits.

When we asked him about selling his practice or the quiet retired life, he just shakes his head. “I love what I do and I’m surrounded by amazing people. What kind of person gives that up?” We agree, and we look forward to welcoming him to our clubs for many years to come.