Shop Small: Why Your Men’s Grooming Franchise Is Still a Local Business

In many towns and cities across the nation, a push to “buy local” or “shop small” is pushing customers to take their business to locally owned businesses. The concept behind these efforts is to help financially support small businesses and also to ensure that more money stays in the community’s economy.

There are a growing number of resources that are available to help consumers find their local businesses and promote the buy local movements, but these resources may not include local franchises. Some organizers may consider a locally owned franchise to be part of a larger national brand, but they overlook the close ties that franchise owners often have with the communities they serve. Here are some reasons that your franchise business should participate in your local shop small movement.

Locally Owned Franchises Support the Community

Small businesses and franchise owners both support the community by creating jobs for local people and creating other business opportunities for local residents. Business owners often require other services, including accounting, legal, construction, supply, and other services. Franchise owners are no different than small business owners in this aspect. In addition to the opportunities franchises create, franchisees also must pay a franchise fee and taxes, and cover the cost of complying with local ordinances. These can include zoning, waste removal, and other safety codes.

Franchises Often Have Strict Service Standards

Every business relies on its reputation in a community, quality customer service, and repeat business from customers. Social media makes it easy for consumers to share whether they’ve had an excellent experience at a business—or a very poor one. It’s critical that owners, managers, and employees of a business value a customer’s experience and strive to make it positive. Frequently franchisees have a set of customer service standards and training regulations for staff that they must follow. Because franchise owners are held to high standards, customers can expect a consistent, positive experience.

Franchisees Often Make a Charitable Impact

Franchisees are often local residents, so they often value community-related events and causes. They may host annual events or fundraisers, make donations to schools or local charities, or otherwise find ways to give back. Some franchises may also support national charities, but they frequently will work to ensure that their efforts and funds stay local.

While franchise businesses are part of a national brand, they work much like any small business on a local level. Franchisees are frequently members of the community, so they should be supported the same way that other small business owners in a community are.

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