Personal And Professional Networking: Part Of The Gents Place Experience

The Gents Place, at an elemental level, functions like the old-time barber shops. Men have a common place to meet regularly and chat without an agenda. It was “networking,” before such a concept became the subject of thousands of books, seminars, and conferences, and gave birth to that dreaded event: the mixer.

Whether it’s in the lobby waiting to check in or out, in one of our comfortable lounge chairs waiting to go into an appointment, or even side-by-side during a service, our members have the chance to connect with other men who share their values: that looking and feeling your best results in the confidence needed that leads to better decisions and relationships. But we don’t only rely on these serendipitous moments…


Each Gents Place location has networking and charity events it participates in (or sometimes both — co-owner Emmitt Smith can sometimes be seen at a poker night that also raises funds for charity). These events add great value for our members because they are yet one more opportunity to connect outside of the standard channels of work, school, church, etc. The men are not just local to a city but even prefer a specific location, which means they are probably (though not always) living nearby, and it’s always easier to connect with someone geographically close.

Our members end up doing business with each other, exploring business ventures, and even meeting new friends. This ability to connect with our clients after hours in an environment unrelated to the services we offer, and the popularity of these events, showcases why The Gents Place is such a prestigious and multi-layered franchise opportunity to not only own but to attend as a member.