On The Road 2: Franchise Expo West

This is the second in our series on expos that will allow you to find a franchise that is a good fit for you.

The next Franchise Expo West occurs November 2-4, 2017, in Los Angeles at the LA Convention Center. This expo is sponsored by the International Franchise Association and will feature hundreds of different franchisors. While the majority of franchise opportunities are US brands, there are some foreign concepts looking to expand into the United States as well. This is a great opportunity for anyone interested in opening their own franchise location. Plus, November is a cold month for many in the United States, so a trip to Southern California is not a particularly hard sell!

While the opportunity to see hundreds of opportunities and think about options is perhaps the biggest draw to Franchise Expo West, there will be over 60 seminars and workshops, mostly free, to help entrepreneurs in the different facets of business. Some of these workshops and seminars include:

  • How to Succeed as a Franchisee
  • Financing Your Business with an SBA Loan
  • What You Need to Know Before Buying a Franchise
  • Use Your IRA or 401(k) Money to Start a New Business
  • Advantages of Buying an Existing Franchise

More than ever, prospective franchisees have access to information that will allow them to have a running start to their new business. There will also be bankers, lawyers, accountants, and other professionals offering panels and opportunities for transparent, one-on-one conversations.

Come Prepared

Sometimes when people go to expos like this they can be a bit overwhelmed. There are so many options and opportunities and only three days to explore them all in depth. We recommend taking a look at the program ahead of time not just to target the talks you are most interested in, but also the franchises. Figuring out where those franchisors have their booths situated will allow you to make a good plan of attack, while still being open to wandering past some opportunities you may not have considered otherwise.