On The Road 1: The Franchise Expo

If you’re thinking about buying a franchise, you might be feeling a bit overwhelmed.  There are so many possibilities and opportunities out there: how can you evaluate each one?  Do you go with something that resonates with your heart and passion?  Or with a business that relentlessly makes solid returns?  Perhaps you can find both in one business.  Apart from individually visiting franchise locations you are interested in,  which is not necessarily efficient, you can go to one place where lots of franchises are “on display” for you to engage with.  In this article, we are going to take a look at one of those places, called The Franchise Expo.

The Franchise Expo has events happening in both the United States and Canada almost every month, except during the summer months of June-August.  It’s free for those interested to attend and it’s beneficial for everyone involved.  Why?

Time savings: Franchisors save time on prospecting for potential franchise owners and franchise owners save time by seeing and considering lots of options without a lot of pressure.

Meet and greet: You’ll be able to meet executive teams (the people who are going to help you get launched and run your business) as well as actual franchisees — people like you who have already gone through the process and are ideally successful throughout the process.

Networking and reflection: You’re going to have a chance to meet others who are going on a franchising journey as well: some who are in the beginning stages, nearing the end of their search, and who have already opened franchise locations.  This affords good opportunities for networking and is a great introduction to the franchise industry: while extremely large, it is still a tight-knit group.

Geographically focused: The Franchise Expo does events all around both countries because some concepts are not nationwide, and providing shows throughout allows for more convenience to both franchisors and potential franchisees.

Education: There will be seminars giving information on franchising law, financing options, and business ownership in general.

Here’s a look at the entire schedule for the next Franchise Expo show.