Location, Location, Location: Where Should Your Barbershop Franchise Go?

You’ve probably heard it before—location is key for your new business. According to the International Franchise Association, poor location is the leading reason for a franchise location failing to perform. Regardless of whether this is your first franchise or you’re adding another location to your collection, choosing a location is one of the most crucial things you must consider.

What Makes a Location Great?

So, you know you need to choose an awesome location for your hair-cutting franchise. Now, the question is—what makes a location a good choice? Here’s what you should look for:

  • Visibility: What good is a storefront if no one can see it? While the needs of your location can vary, you should look for a location that is easy to see from the street or is centrally located in a shopping center.
  • Accessibility: This goes hand-in-hand with visibility. Choosing a location in an area that is a challenge to get to, has poor parking options, or otherwise is not convenient for your clients will cause them to go elsewhere.
  • Traffic: While online marketing, social media, and other forms of advertising exist, the least expensive and most convenient form of advertising is simply being seen by potential clients. Think about who your target demographic is, and find locations in areas where they go. A great location makes it convenient for your clients to come in because you’re already located where they spend time.
  • Competitive landscape: While the image of business competitors warring with each other to attract clients can be quite humorous, it often is less so when you’re the one trying to elbow your way into a neighborhood brimming with competitors. Look for areas where you won’t have to work so hard to establish yourself.
  • Design and construction requirements: Hair-cutting franchises have unique construction requirements to accommodate your facilities. Be sure to choose a location that can meet your needs more easily, so you can avoid having to make expensive and unwieldy construction changes.
  • Potential co-tenants: If you’re moving into a shared building, be sure to check out the businesses nearby. If you get the feeling that they may detract from your business’s traffic, your clients’ experience, or otherwise make running your franchise difficult, keep looking.

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