Know The Industry: Straight Razor Shaves

There is a famous scene in the film Tombstone in which Doc Holliday, unforgettably played by Val Kilmer, confronts Johnny Ringo who is drunk and threatening to duel. While Holliday offers to take him up on “playing for blood” the scene ends with some of Johnny’s friends pulling him away from trouble. Kilmer then lazily stretches out, and says while getting into a barber’s chair, “Barber, you may proceed, sir.”

Part of what makes straight razor shaves so popular these days is a call back to the times of the Old West, or even the recent past in which a straight razor shave from a barber was a luxury men enjoyed giving themselves. It made them feel fresh, clean, relaxed, and ready to take on the world.

What to Expect

You’re going to start by sitting in a traditional barber’s chair, which tilts back and gives the barber the best angle to work their magic. You’ll get a refreshing hot towel on your face to soften up your facial hair. After that first hot towel, you’ll get some cleanser on your face to open up your pores and to make sure your skin is clean and ready for shaving. One more hot towel follows this. If you have a fair amount of facial hair you may get some conditioner to soften up the hair. Another hot towel follows this, and then you will have some warmed shaving cream put on.

After a first pass with the razor, you’re going to get more shaving cream and another pass. When you’re all done, you’ll get a cold damp towel to close your pores and you can finish with an aftershave of your choosing.

We encourage you to try this service yourself so you can see why members and clients enjoy it so much. It’s a true gentleman’s favorite.