How Men’s Grooming Habits Are Changing and How It Could Affect Your Business

It’s a commonly held belief that women are the ones spending more time and money on their personal appearances, but over the last decade, trends have shown that men are catching up. More than a third of men spend more than 30 minutes a day on their grooming and appearance. It’s clear that there is a growing market for men’s grooming services and products, but these gentlemen won’t be swayed by just any company.

Hair Care and Skin Care: Where Men Are Spending Their Money

More and more, men are seeing their personal care as an investment in themselves. They’re spending more money on their hair and skin care routines, and even are seeking out services that cater to a more luxurious experience. These upscale services offer more than just the appearance aspect, men also are enjoying a social, relaxing experience.

Market research shows that the majority of men are keeping it simple when it comes to their personal hair care routine. Most use only shampoo, but a growing number also include conditioner or a 2-in-1 product during their showers. Many men in emerging markets are appearance-conscious and seek the styles and products to match. Sophisticated grooming services and upscale products are popular with these men, so it’s important for those in the men’s grooming industry to find ways to appeal to them.

Skincare is another growing market for men. While facial and body cleansers are obviously the most commonly used and basic skin care products used, more men are incorporating scrubs, lotions, creams, sun protection products, anti-aging creams, and more into their daily routine. Self-care is becoming a sign of a polished man, and masculinity is being redefined by men in emerging markets.

What Does This Mean for Our Strategic Partners?

Franchisees may be curious about how these trends will affect them and their businesses. As men are seeking unique self-care experiences, there is space for premier men’s grooming businesses to offer the services men want. It’s clear that there is a growing number of men discovering the experience of world-class barbering and skin care services. At The Gents Place, we’re dedicated to helping men uncover their inner gentlemen.

Our comprehensive list of ultra-premium services and our elite member clubs give men a distinguished destination where they can visit to experience the empowerment and confidence that excellent grooming can bring. As the men’s grooming industry continues to skyrocket, The Gents Place is poised for enormous growth. Our Strategic Partners are key to helping us succeed.

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