Gents Place Values: Be Grateful

At The Gents Place, our values-based culture is top priority. Through the years we have found that aligning our brand with Team Members who share the same values is what leads to successful business and satisfied Members and Team Members.

In this ongoing series we share perspectives from Gents Place Team Members on their favorite Gents Place Value. These are values that were crowd-sourced from our staff and help animate all the actions of our company. We use them in daily communications, contests, and as a way of life to ensure that coming to work isn’t an exercise in “changing into” values that only apply at The Gents Place, but rather a lifestyle that empowers our staff after they’ve gone home for the day and are interacting with their friends and family. We recently polled The Gents Place team to ask what their favorite value is and why they chose it. Below are some quotes from some of our staff who chose “Be Grateful” as their favorite value.

Be grateful…when you’re grateful for all that you have and all that you will have, more things come to you to be grateful for.” – Juana Romo (2 years with TGP)

There is so much for us to be grateful for every single day, we just have to look for it. Once you start reminding yourself of how much good you have in your life, it gets easier to see the good.” – Heather Tibbles (4 years with TGP)

I look at my life, both personally and professionally, and realize how fortunate I am. My family is happy, healthy, and joyful. We have a roof over our heads, plenty to eat, and lots of warmth and love. I have a job that I absolutely adore. I am beyond grateful that every day is a learning experience, for good or ill. It makes me realize that I am still growing in this profession. To work for a company that holds this value to such a high standard really makes working for them effortless.” – Ashley Wojcik (1 year with TGP)

If you have a grateful heart, you will always be able to make the best of every day!” – Taylor Clark (2 years with TGP)

I started at The Gents Place when I was a VERY new, 1st time Mother. I was grateful that I was able to find a position in which I could contribute financially and still be home so that Hudson didn’t have to go to daycare. He is now 15 months old, and I am beyond thankful and grateful to have witnessed every milestone thus far. I am also grateful for work sisters that support and encourage my every move and have valued me whether I have an idea or whether I’m feeling lost. I have been uplifted since day one, and for that, I am grateful!” -Katelyn Thornton (1 year)

One of the most difficult challenges of running any business, not just a franchise, is finding engaged employees. From the quotes above it is evident how powerful hiring for cultural fit can be and why our Team Members are part of the amazing success The Gents Place has and continues to have.