Encouraging Group Visits As A Reward

A trip to the barbershop is a solitary experience for most men. Usually, it is a chore or routine upkeep. There are no special feelings or experiences. Many men look at haircuts as just another task done as a part of everyday life. But what if this experience could be sold to a group of men as a means to feel their most dapper amongst their family, friends, and colleagues?

The Gents Place, as a luxury men’s grooming and lifestyle club, provides the atmosphere and experience to suit a group of men for an unforgettable experience, leaving them feeling like a million bucks and closer to their party. Here are some opportunities that make sense for men looking to enjoy high-end grooming experiences, together.

Making Shopping Simple for Employees

Most men are not the best shoppers, even for themselves. Purchasing romantic gifts for someone special or presents for their children may be easier for them, but when it comes to giving gifts to their employees, their go-to response may be more thoughtless. They may end up giving cash or something off the shelf as an offering of thanks and utility. While it may be the thought that counts and the gift is just a way to show that thought, a great boss provides their employees with an experience that makes them feel taken care of, and not just a number. A boss who seizes the opportunity to significantly show those employees how much they are truly valued and appreciated.

Giving a Gents Place club membership to employees is an easy gift to purchase, and will mean more to the receiver than the usual gift card or generic gift. Also, as a membership, the gift is quite literally the one that keeps on giving. Each time the recipient checks in at their local club, they will be pampered, looked after, and made to feel great, physically and mentally. Why wouldn’t an employer treat their employees with a token of appreciation that gets remembered year-round? Also, if the men go together to experience the luxury of The Gents Place, they will have shared memories that will help them grow closer as a group, encouraging cohesion and improved morale.

Group Experience For Growing Closer

There are many opportunities for men to get together as a group and enjoy the service and experience of The Gents Place. Many clubs already host poker nights or monthly networking/speaker events, allowing for men to get together at a club location and spend quality time amongst each other’s company. The community and camaraderie built at group events like these could also encourage individual membership purchases for those men who leave the gathering feeling their absolute best.   

Prep Before A Big Event

Another example of how to encourage a group visit is for those moments in life when the men want to remember their time together as the privilege that it is, and more than just a haircut. Groomsmen parties are a unique gathering of dear friends and a gifted TGP experience serves two purposes. First, it serves as a token of appreciation for the men stepping up to be with the giver on his most important day. Secondly, the men will leave the club looking their absolute best, which is critical in preparation for upcoming nuptials. Many brides will spend the mornings of their big day being pampered and coifed with the ladies who mean the most to them so that they are stunningly gorgeous when walking down the aisle toward their future married life. Men should experience that same style of preparation while also enjoying the top-shelf beverages available, which could help soothe the nerves on such an important day. 

A barbershop may be a place that men go to for the maintenance of their haircut, but The Gents Place is where men should go to feel what it is like to be treated like a Gent. That experience will be all the more meaningful when enjoyed with men who are the most important to them.