Gents Place Values

One of the things that we treasure about our brand at The Gents Place is our emphasis on our core values. When Ben and Lauren Davis first started the business in 2008, they brought with them their own personal values of honesty, integrity, and gratefulness, among other things. Those traits attracted others who shared those values, and The Gents Place began to grow.

As time went on and the business grew, there were inconsistencies in how some of the staff saw and lived these values. Ben and Lauren realized it was a good time to write down and define what the values were. Ben and Lauren crowdsourced them by asking each and every stylist

  • What motivated them?
  • What made them want to work at The Gents Place?
  • How did they approach the guest experience?
  • How did they overcome hurdles with team members?

You can see what they came up with here. This meant that some people weren’t a good fit, because they didn’t believe in our values or didn’t want to live them on a daily basis, but it meant that our team got stronger and more cohesive.

This wasn’t some exercise in feel-good corporate policy. We saw employee retention and engagement go up significantly. We saw turnover go down. Most importantly, we watched our profitability skyrocket. As we began to hire, manage, and fire by these values we saw the power of having everyone on the same page, not just by the general feel of “hiring good people,” but by hiring for cultural fit first and primarily.

As you consider applying to become a franchisee of The Gents Place, we encourage you to look at these values yourself. Pick one or two of them that really resonate with you. Know them so well that you can articulate them and how you see them being lived to each and every person that you would bring on board to help you build your locations.

In future blog posts we are going to share stories from our staff about what these values mean to them and how they have seen them lived in their Gents Place lives, both at work and at home.