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A $5+ billion opportunity

Men's Grooming is a $5+ Billion category and the category is growing. Yet among the premiere men's grooming franchise concepts that have popped up in recent years, there is no clear leader. The Gents Place, with our distinct vision, proven membership model and superior leadership team, are poised to become the ultra-premium leader in this dynamic space.

Proven membership model

The Gents Place has delivered the highest revenue per unit in men's grooming for the past 8 years across 4 markets. Just ask Forbes. We offer memberships on a monthly and annual basis. So each membership is customizable to each man's needs, with four different club levels that vary in services and time spent in the chair. Our goal is to empower each man and continually help him enhance his personal brand. That's why The Gents Place delivers the highest revenue per unit.

The secret sauce

The Gents Place's Secret Sauce is not in the shampoo. Instead it is the combination of four distinguishing factors. The Gents Place integrates hi-tech and persona-based marketing, an empowering client service approach, a proven subscription model, and groundbreaking corporate memberships. All that mixes together into an experience that helps men look and feel their confident best. Rinse and repeat.

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