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Know the Industry: Hair Loss and Restoration

This guest post was written by Walter Mennari, one of our Gents Place members and highlights a common issue that is not frequently discussed: hair loss – smart ways to restore it and keep it.  What causes hair loss? Most people shed 50 to 100 hairs per day. This typically does not result in noticeable… Read More

Networking at The Gents Place

There are many privileges to being a Member of The Gents Place, and networking is within the top tier. Through Member events, social gathering and routine services and complimentary drinks at the Club, our Gentlemen are surrounded by successful businessmen who quickly go from acquaintance, to friend, to colleagues and even business partners. High quality… Read More

Our Signature 7 Course Hair Service

Our 7 Course Hair Service is the finest hair service we offer to our clients, and we feel confident, is also the best in the industry.  Much more than a simple haircut, this is a service that refreshes, rejuvenates, and relaxes. Where we begin As with all our hair services, if this is your first… Read More

Franchisee Focus: Peter Terracina (Chicago)

Peter Terracina has always been more of a hands-on, in person learner.  While he graduated from TCU with a degree in Mass Communication and Public Relations, he’ll tell you some of the most important education of his early 20s was spent right after graduation, when he and a friend embarked on an 8-month trip outside… Read More

Personal and Professional Networking: Part of The Gents Place experience

The Gents Place, at an elemental level, functions like the old-time barber shops.  Men have a common place to meet regularly and chat without an agenda.  It was “networking,” before such a concept became the subject of thousands of books, seminars, conferences, and gave birth to that dreaded event: the mixer. Whether it’s in the… Read More

Know the Industry: Straight Razor Shaves

There is a famous scene in the film Tombstone in which Doc Holliday, unforgettably played by Val Kilmer, confronts Johnny Ringo who is drunk and threatening to duel.  While Holliday offers to take him up on “playing for blood” the scene ends with some of Johnny’s friends pulling him away from trouble.  Kilmer then lazily… Read More

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