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Calculating Net Worth

An important step in the process of buying a franchise is submitting an application that includes your Net Worth, among other financial qualifiers.  This isn’t a number that many know off the top of their heads, but it is a vital piece of information necessary to buy a franchise.  In this article we’ll walk you… Read More

On the Road II: Franchise Expo West

This is the second in our series on expos that will allow you to find a franchise that is a good fit for you.  You can find our first one here. The next Franchise Expo West occurs November 2-4, 2017, in Los Angeles at the LA Convention Center.  This expo is sponsored by the International… Read More

On the Road I: The Franchise Expo

If you’re thinking about buying a franchise, you might be feeling a bit overwhelmed.  There are so many possibilities and opportunities out there: how can you evaluate each one?  Do you go with something that resonates with your heart and passion?  Or with a business that relentlessly makes solid returns?  Perhaps you can find both… Read More

How to select a prime real estate location

One of the advantages of working with Elevated Brands, our brands management and development company, is our strong knowledge and expertise as it relates to selecting your Gents Place location.  When you come through training with us after signing a franchise agreement, you will be fully briefed about the fundamentals of location selection both in… Read More

Running Multiple Locations: What to keep in mind

As you continue the process of exploring whether a Gents Place franchise is right for you, you might also be asking whether you are thinking of operating a single unit or multi units.  They are, understandably, completely different things and both offer challenges and advantages that may better fit whatever it is you ultimately want… Read More

Thoughts on Buying a Franchise

So you might, for whatever reason, be seriously considering the life of a business owner.  Perhaps there’s a change coming up in your career, maybe your personal or financial needs have changed, or perhaps you’ve always wanted to try to truly be in charge of your own financial destiny.  But you may not have an… Read More

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