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Calculating Net Worth

An important step in the process of buying a franchise is submitting an application that includes your Net Worth, among other financial qualifiers.  This isn’t a number that many know off the top of their heads, but it is a vital piece of information necessary to buy a franchise.  In this article we’ll walk you… Read More

Three Benefits of a Recurring Revenue Model

While there are many attractive qualities of The Gents Place business, the recurring revenue model just may be the most appealing to business owners. At each location we will always have walk-in customers on a daily basis, but the recurring membership model is at the heart of our business and culture.  The convenience of auto-paying memberships and being able… Read More

What’s the purpose of a business plan?

There’s no shortage of articles and books on how to write a business plan, and to be sure, even in this age of teenage internet billionaires, a business plan still matters.  But before you get to that (often daunting) task we need to begin with why: what is the purpose of a business plan? Identifying… Read More

Delegate your weaknesses, double down on your strengths

We wrote some time ago about the importance of building a team if you choose to grow beyond a single-location business.  While all business owners often start wearing multiple hats, as you grow, there is actually an order to taking those hats off: focused on delegating the areas that are not your strengths, and relying on… Read More

Business Owners 101: How Involved do I want to be?

In this series we outline basic concepts that all prospective business owners need to be mindful of as they build their companies. Can Do Starting a new business is a combination of moving homes, starting a new job, starting a semester of college, all while going on a diet.  It will challenge you in so many ways,… Read More

Entrepreneurship 101: Begin with the end in mind

In this series we examine questions that each business owner, rookie or otherwise, must answer as he/she begins the process of opening a new company. What is it that I really want out of a franchise and this new business opportunity? Recently on The Gents Blog we discussed Stephen Covey’s classic Seven Habits of Highly… Read More

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