The Gent's Team

The Gents team is united by our shared vision for the brand – to empower Gentlemen with the confidence to realize their next great achievement. Our culture is a culture of servant leadership and complete dedication to delivering world-class service to our guests. You’ll find those values in everyone from the founder to the member concierge who greets you at the door.

The founder’s story

Once upon a time, Ben Davis was a busy executive who looked at haircuts as an annoyance, like errands or a traffic jam. From client meetings to family, there were a hundred places Ben would rather be than sitting in a chair with a smock around his neck. There had to be a better way. Out of Ben's frustration with the category, The Gents Place was born. That was 2008. Ben believed that time is too precious to waste on a meaningless activity so he filled the Gents experience with meaning. From the beginning, Ben would say they were not in the haircut business. They were in the business of making men feel like confident, well-connected Gentlemen, ready to take on the world. The world took notice and The Gents Place soon received accolades from Forbes, GQ, Men's Health and Esquire. And so it began.

Emmitt joins the team

Emmitt has been a loyal member of The Gents Place for many years and he officially joined the team as a co-owner and brand ambassador in 2016. Emmitt is the perfect example of a modern Gentleman and his beliefs and values match with the brand's vision. He is a Hall of Fame NFL star and has built successful businesses in real estate and mobile technology, yet Emmitt is not done. His purpose in life today is helping others find their own success and purpose. Emmitt is focused on Gents franchise development, where he can guide entrepreneurs and help them realize their next great achievement.

Backed by the pros who built massage heights

Massage Heights has been a wildly successful franchise that has grown exponentially over the last 12 years and now stands as the leader in the luxury massage space. The team that built this franchise has formed a holding company called Elevated Brands and The Gents Place is the first jewel in its portfolio of premiere franchise concepts. They bring years of expertise, best practices and robust back-of-house systems that will help The Gents Place expand quickly and wisely.

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