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On the Road I: The Franchise Expo

If you’re thinking about buying a franchise, you might be feeling a bit overwhelmed.  There are so many possibilities and opportunities out there: how can you evaluate each one?  Do you go with something that resonates with your heart and passion?  Or with a business that relentlessly makes solid returns?  Perhaps you can find both… Read More

Know the Industry: Straight Razor Shaves

There is a famous scene in the film Tombstone in which Doc Holliday, unforgettably played by Val Kilmer, confronts Johnny Ringo who is drunk and threatening to duel.  While Holliday offers to take him up on “playing for blood” the scene ends with some of Johnny’s friends pulling him away from trouble.  Kilmer then lazily… Read More

What’s the purpose of a business plan?

There’s no shortage of articles and books on how to write a business plan, and to be sure, even in this age of teenage internet billionaires, a business plan still matters.  But before you get to that (often daunting) task we need to begin with why: what is the purpose of a business plan? Identifying… Read More

How to select a prime real estate location

One of the advantages of working with Elevated Brands, our brands management and development company, is our strong knowledge and expertise as it relates to selecting your Gents Place location.  When you come through training with us after signing a franchise agreement, you will be fully briefed about the fundamentals of location selection both in… Read More

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