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Know the Industry: Why Hand and Foot Repairs?

In our last article within our Know the Industry series we looked at the most important part of our suite of services: haircuts.  In this article we are going to focus on something that society, specifically in America, has not considered vital or, as some would call it, manly.  The services commonly known as manicures and pedicures…. Read More

Why Dads are Legends at The Gents Place

Father’s Day is a holiday that is really important to us at The Gents Place.  Often we can get lost in going through the motions of daily schedules and routines.  We buy ties, or cuff links, or cologne, send a card, have a meal, and yes, say “thank you.”  And sure, that’s appreciated.  But before… Read More

Know the Industry: Making the Most of Every Haircut

One of the things our founder, Ben Davis, often likes to say is, “We don’t sell haircuts, we sell a feeling.” After becoming a TGP Strategic-partner you’ll learn a lot about how our haircuts drive those feelings.  Until then, we won’t be educating you (or quizzing you on taper vs. fade or clipper lengths today) but… Read More

Delegate your weaknesses, double down on your strengths

We wrote some time ago about the importance of building a team if you choose to grow beyond a single-location business.  While all business owners often start wearing multiple hats, as you grow, there is actually an order to taking those hats off: focused on delegating the areas that are not your strengths, and relying on… Read More

Men’s Grooming: Why the Growth?

There are many indicators globally that men’s grooming is a market that just continues to grow.  While the answers may be clear to our clients, it may not be clear to those who don’t yet know our industry.  This article will discuss some of the reasons for that growth and why we think it’s a… Read More

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